Assorted Links

1. WSJ Blog points Chicago Univ Professors are protesting setting up a Milton Friedman centre.

2. MR pointsto a paper which analyses the happiest looking economist. Answer- Ned Phelps

3. JRV pointsto market microstructure case study on recent Ranbaxy deal

4. ASB points to a new paper linking Legal system’s impact on finance in INdia. Looks quite interesting. He also points to the new GS paper that has another 10-reform list. My views on this paper are here. I am expecting more of these lists.

5. IDB points to a story that people use below poverty cards as collateral against loans

6. ISB points MMRDA extends monorail bid deadline

7. MR points to Beijing airport experience.

8. PSD Blog points that FDI numbers in Russia are not right.

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