Who is the happiest economist?

I came to know of this paper from Tyler Cowen (where else but Marginal Revolution). It was originally pointed by Will Willkinson and has been discussed at Economist blog as well.

The paper is from three economists – Benno Torgler, Nemanja Antić and Uwe Dulleck. They take pictures of 12 economists ( 4 nobel winners, 4 top and 4 happiness researchers) and show them to the sample asking them:

“Taking all things together, would you say this person is: (1) very happy, (2) quite happy, (3) not very happy, (4) not at all happy?”

They then take the profile of the samplers to understand who is happier and popular among certain categories. Findings:

The advice for young academics is: if you seek happiness, become a macro-economist and research happiness; a Nobel Prize does not make you happier; if you want to be popular with the ladies, take lessons from Edmund Phelps, Bruno Frey and Richard Easterlin; if you are looking for the ability to age like a red wine, Joseph Stiglitz and Jean Tirole have the trick, but not Richard Easterlin.

I think this paper will be most liked by Ned Phelps. Though he has produced papers which have changed the way we understand macroeconomics, he might consider this one as tops. Read this fun paper for more details.

Meanwhile Krugman (he is profiled in the survey as a top economist) cries foul saying his picture is not correct and he is as happy as others.

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