Assorted Links

1. WSJ Blog points Is Kohn looking to outsource inflation management fight?

2. MR points to a blog written by eco superstars-Gary Becker, Ed Glaeser, Richard Posner, Bill Easterly etc. Another blog in the reading kitty!

3. ISB points infra deficit could derail India growth. This has been known since ages. There are two puzzles – why India keeps growing  despite all the policy issues and two, why nothing dramatic happens in infra.

4. TTR points recent concerns over growth outlook is a media-hype. Even I think so with every news channel going berserk over it.

5. Blattman points to a paper asking does professor quality matter?

6. WSJ Blog points to a study which says big govt does not mean more inflation

7. Mankiw at his humorous best

8. James Hamilton once again on speculation

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