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Understanding inflation expectations and the recent trends

July 3, 2008

 I wrote a paper understating inflation expectations and the recent trends in the expectations. Needless to say, inflation expectations have been rising everywhere.

However, this still continues to remain a mystery – Does inflation expectations lead to inflation or is it vice-versa? There is wide amount of literature which is inconclusive.

Let me know your comments

Assorted Links

July 3, 2008

1. WSJ Blog points watchout for companies that have superstar CEOs. It also points to Fedspeak- Mishkin

2. WSJ Blog points GDP helps predict Olympic winners

3. JRV on SEC’s proposal on credit rating agencies

4. ICL points to a new website on takeover code

5. FIn Clip Blog on finance salaries

6. Econbrowser points rising oil prices are leading to lower demand for vehicles in US.

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