Assorted Links

1. Krugman on how FF got so big? Also read his post on impact of rising commodity prices

2. WSJ Blog points Fed holds its breath on inflation. CPI in June- 08 touched 5%

3. WSJ Blog points to Venezuelan way to curb inflation.

4. Mankiw points time to pay menu cost. He also points to articles from-  Summers on FF mess and Meltzer on Fed.

5. JRV points naked short-selling is banned in 19 financial stocks in US. I have mentioned earlierthat shortselling is limited to books. I had also pointed (see this as well) that experts in India make a big hue and cry when such decisions are taken in India. It is pretty similar worldwide and it hardly changes with the nature of development.

6. MR asks what should government do to stmulate the economy 

7. DB Blog points to a new paper that shows both culture and institutions shape each other.


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