How did Germany avoid great inflation in 1979?

One of thebiggest successes and puzzles in central banking history is Bundesbank – Germany’s Central Bank. Success as it managed inflation really well when most central banks struggled and puzzle as it is the only central bank to have been successful using monetary targets ( it means they targeted growth in money supply which was also the main idea by Friedman)

I came across this superb short paper from Otmar Issing where he discusses how Bundesbank was successful in managing inflation. Nice reading.


2 Responses to “How did Germany avoid great inflation in 1979?”

  1. A review of Bundesbank monetary targeting strategy « Mostly Economics Says:

    […] a nice overview of Bundesbank’s (Germany Central bank) monetary targeting strategy (see this paper as well). The overview was presented at ECB colloquium held in honour of Otmar […]

  2. donpaulpro Says:

    thanks for sharing the article. intriguing information!!

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