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Finally we have the 11th plan document

August 4, 2008

Finally, Planning Commission has released the Eleventh Plan document. We are in the 2nd year of plan period and we still did not have the document.

Though, the Planning Commission had indicated in its 11th plan approach document ( is a heavy pdf file) that the focus of 11thplan will be around inclusive growth.  Still, the main plan document was keenly awaited. The plan document is divided in 3 part and first is focused on inclusive growth.

One might ask the need for these plan documents as India has moved gradually to a planned economy. That is true but still it is important. The plan tells you the focus of government, how it would be spending, how various ministries would be allocated the governmentfunds etc. It is also a good reference document to catch up with the policies etc in India. It is also very useful for equity/sectoral analysts as they can get perspective on government’s vision for that sector/industry .

Let me read up and will post if I find anything interesting.

Assorted Links

August 4, 2008

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