Assorted Links

1/2.  WSJ Blog points out of 7 OECD countries, US has grown fastest.

1. A new blog to understand taxes in India – Indian Tax Guide

2. ACB points a change in ICICI derivatives strategy. It also points to the next big idea – The Gridlock Economy

3. Krugman on eco humor

4. CB points who will grow faster India or China?

5. Fin Prof on hedging in jet fuel prices

6. Lusardi says in US financial illiteracy is pretty high. Read the second question she asks and read my paper on the subject

7. PSD Blog points to a paper which says:

[T]he aid system has generated the same negative shocks to per capita income…in developing countries, and with more frequency, as the two World Wars and the Great Depression generated in developed countries.

8. DB Blog points Poland to become a business friendly country

9. ASB says we should provide certifications as a means to building human capital. Point well taken but the industry hardly values these certificates. He mentions he has met people who took NSE’s NCFM examination and had successful careers in finance. I am not sure what success  means here. To have a successful career, the industry values branded degrees and not certificates. I have seen a lot of people not getting promotions, salary hikes etc despite being superbly talented. Why? they didn’t have the degrees.

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