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Economics of Citation

August 25, 2008

I came across this fantastic paper from Christian Zimmermann et al. It evaluates why economists cite other economists in their papers. The abstract is:

In this paper, we study the citation decision of a scientific author. By citing a related work, authors can make their arguments more persuasive. We call this the correlation effect. But if authors cite other work, they may give the impression that they think the cited work is more competent than theirs. We call this the reputation effect. These two effects may be the main sources of citation bias. We empirically show that there is a citation bias in Economics by using data from RePEc. We also report how the citation bias differs across regions (U.S., Europe and Asia).

The authors find that correlation effect in particular is stronger than reputation effect ūüôā

I had read about signalling being used to indicate quality of employment, policies etc. Now it is being used for citation as well.

Assorted Links

August 25, 2008

1. I have mentioned about the Kansas Fed Annual Symposium many times. Somehow, papers/ideas presented in this conference are very very good (for instance see this post here). WSJ Blog points to the papers discussed here – By Raghu Rajan and Willem Buiter

2. JRV points¬†to the comparison between Benrnake’s speech¬†last year at Kansas Annual Symposium and this year.

3. ACB points how views over moble phones were anything but true.

4. MR pointsto fantastic Hardford views on nudges. It also points to a new paper on benefots of trade

5. NB points where nudges is needs- DVD players

6. Econbrowser on recession

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