Assorted Links

1. WSJ Blog summarises the various research on recent date releases on housing sector- the pace of declining slows

2. WSJ Blog points to an new World Bank report that says poverty was higher in 2005 than previously estimated.  It also points poverty might increase in US in 2008

3. ASB on the next RBI Governor

4. NEB is back. It pointsto a paper on why subprime crisis happened. It pointsto a new paper on Asian forex reserves

5. NB pointsto a Thaler interview

6. MacroBlog ponders over issues raised in Kansas Fed Symposium

7. Mankiw points volatility in stock markets is quite high

8. Fin Rounds points to the jargon you hear in economics conferences . 🙂

9. FCB updates info on CDS.

10. PSD Blog points to papers on impact of remittances on economies

11. DB Blog on insolvency laws


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