Assorted Links

1. US revised its Q2 GDP figures from 1.9% to 3.3%. Econbrowser discusses the surprise release as most expected a recession.  WSJ Blog points US GDP has been revised upwards but recession can still come.

2. I can’t understand this mania over recession. The focus should be on inflation.

3. WSJ Blog points India might better China over a longterm. It points 5 sectors that will get hit further

4. TTR points changing face of Indian bureaucracy. He is a true contrarian

5. IDB points to some solutions to improve Indian agriculture. I agree agriculture is important but unless we can migrate the huge surplus labour employed in agriculture to other productive sectors, we just can;t get this sector going.

6. IDB also points to an interesting study which shows peer group leads to higher saving

7. ACB has a fantastic post on inflation.

8. Macroblog has a very confusing post on inflation

9. PSD Blog points which country won more gold medals per capita- Mongolia

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