Dr Subba Rao’s to do list

There has been vast amount of newsprint since Dr. D. Subba Rao (DSR) was namedas the new RBI Governor. Well, I must say times are changing as one of the newspapers tells me this is the  first time Finance Minister has announced the name of the new RBI Governor. The importance of Monetary Policy and Central banker is growing in India (and media) just like we see in developed economies.

The media speculation has shifted from who the RBI Governor would be to what Dr. Subba Rao would do.  The focus on Dr DSR started with his profile (see this ET version as well, Mint).

It has now has moved to on what Dr. DSR should be doing – Business Statndard  , Mint , ET, FE. As Dr. DSR has himself indicated the priority now would be on inflation and then financial sector reforms. The talk is on what he should do on both the fronts. It will be interesting to see what he does.

I would say Dr. Reddy has left quite a legacy behind and would be interesting to see how Dr DSR takes up the challenge. Meanwhile, Dr. Reddy has left him with lots of food for thought while leaving.

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