Assorted Links

1. WSJ Blog points to some words of advice from William Poole

2. Krugman points to one finger salute

3. TTR has a superb post on Fannie/Freddie crisis. He says:

FT estimates the cost of the rescue at around $200 bn – or nearly 1.5% of GDP. S& P places the cost at 2.5% of GDP. In India, the government has spent a total of $7.5 bn to recapitalise the banking system- or under 2% of GDP. But this was roundly condemned at the time. The same editorial writers (in India) are lauding the US government for its rescue act today- what’s good for the US is evidently not good enough for us Indians.

4. MacroBlog has an excellent post on economics of hurricanes.

5. Chris Blattman on darker side of Google’s development strategy

6. Rodrik points to a superb reading on growth diagnostics

7. Fin Prof on ill-effects of using Bloomberg

8. PSD Blog on Aid vs corruption


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