Assorted Links

If there is one prediction which has been true and perhaps better than the expected it is events in this week. Before this week started it was said that it would be an eventful week. It has truly surpassed the prediction

1. FOMC maintains rates. WSJ Blog comments that there were no dissents this time. It points NY Fed chief Geithner skips the meeting to stay in New York. WSJ Blog says inflation is still a worry for Fed.

2. There is another bailout  of AIG. WSJ Blog says Fed invokes another exigent clause.

3. Meanwhile there are also suggestions to set up a new govt. entity to deal with fallouts in financial crisis. WSJ Blog points

4. Mankiw points to a Rogoff article on bailouts

5. Rodrik on capital flows conundrums

6. PSD blog on creative destruction and emerging markets

7. As Bankruptcy gains steam, it is time to see how much creditors can get. DB points to a study

8. TTR says higher capital for i-banks is not a bad idea


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