RBI measures post Lehman bankruptcy

RBI has taken certain measures post Lehman bankruptcy. 

Lehman Brothers has 2 outfits in India –

  • Lehman Brothers Capital Pvt. Ltd. (NBFC)
  • Lehman Brothers Fixed Income Securities Pvt. Ltd. (a primary dealer)

RBI has asked Lehman Brothers Capital Pvt. Ltd. to take permission from RBI before taking any direct/indirect liability from any institution in India or making any forex remittance. It has asked Lehman Brothers Fixed Income Securities Pvt. Ltd not to undertake any transactions in G-sec market.

As I posted a while back, Barclays has only brought North American operations. The other worldwide businesses are still in Lehman. So, till Lehman finds a buyer for its worldwide businesses as well, we might expect these measures in other economies as well.

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