Assorted Links

1. The hectic developments continue over every weekend. Treasury has offered a plan to Congress to buy USD 700 bn of distressed assets from the various financial firms.  WSJ Blog points to the plan and economists’ reactions.

2. G-Sachs and M-Stanley have been made bank holding companies and will now be regulated by Fed. WSJ Blog discusses

3. Mankiw points to his fanmail. He points to some views on Treasury plan

4. Krugman ponders on the Treasury plan. Econbrowser as usual is very good with the analysis

5.JRV points to places where only long buy is permitted.

6. TTR on resolution trust corp

7. IDB on how growth has helped reduce caste based discrimination.

8. ACB points to how fin sector crisis in US will impact India

9. ACB points to some fine reading on fin sector. I have added a few more on the comments section.

10. Rodrik asks Where did we go wrong?

11. Econbrowser points to a paper on subprime crisis


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