Assorted Links

1. US Senate Banking Committee had a hearing from Bernanke , Paulson etc. WSJ Blog points Bernanke’s views, Paulson’s views.

2. Krugman on the Treasury plan and time for some Krugman humor

3. Mankiw points to numerous economist’s views on the Treasury plan and time for some Mankiw humor

4. WSJ Blog points does Wall street owe an apology to main street.

5. Rodrik points Bono is blogging

6. FIn Prof is back on blogging. Starts off with the hot question- ibanking

7. MR points to an open letter from economists to US Govt on the 700 bn bailout plan

8. DB BLog points to a Raghu rajan solution on the Treasury plan

9. MR on CDS

10. JRV points to the list of countries that have banned short-selling.

11. TTR on Goldman/MS move

12. IDB coversa new conference on microfin

13. IEB has a superb poston india’s oil pool

One Response to “Assorted Links”

  1. senate banking committee Says:

    WILMINGTON, Del. — DuPont Co. says it will cut 2,500 jobs, mostly serving the U.S. and European automotive and construction markets, due to lower demand linked to the steep global decline in homebuilding, auto sales and consumer spending.

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