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Timeline of September 2008 financial crisis

October 7, 2008

I have written a paper explaining the recent events in September 2008. I have also asked  numerous issues from the events

Let me know your comments

Assorted Links

October 7, 2008

1. WSJ Blog explains the new Fed announcement- it will pay interest on the reserves thant banks maintain with Fed.

2. WSJ Blog points things worsen for BoA

3. ASB points to CMIE chief’s predictions on Indian growth for 2008-09

4. TTR has some kind words for ibanks

5. MR on CDS. It asks why so many financial firms took so much risk?

6. CB points to ignobel prizes for 2008. Check out the one for eco. I diodnt know such papers exist

7. Krugman on Dow 10000 🙂 Krugman note on the crisis

8. CMB on TARP, He doesnt like finance one bit

9. Rodrik Blog tries to answer the USD 700 bn question

10. FRB points to irratinal exuberance

11. GCB has a post from Paul Romer on the crisis

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