Assorted Links

1. WSJ Blog points to Fedspeak – Rosengren, Stern

2. WSJ Blog has 2 predictions – one for eco nobel and other for next Treasury Secretary

3. TTR points to bailouts of the real sector, UK plan, US bailout 🙂

4. TTR points to top 10 blogs for crisis and adds a few more. In all just read read and read.

5. Mankiw has a suggestion for recapitalising firms. He on great depression lessons, points to more comments on fin mess

6. Krugman says last things we need is assurance from US president. He says rate cuts wont help much. He points to a Shiller paper which can be replicated for Indian equity markets as of now

7. Rodrik says culprit is leverage which is caused by finance not saving glut caused by global imbalances. He points to parody of The Economist

8. FIn Prof points to Presidential Address by Ken French, an always candidate for nobel prize in econ

9. PSD BLog points to Duflo’s view on the mess

10. Econbrowser on the recent IMF report

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