IMF and BIS resources on financial stability

Financial Stability is surely the flavor of the season (I hope it remains as a main concern and challenge). Both BIS and IMF have done their bit and have developed websites for the cause.

Here is IMF’s web portal which has IMF’s comments and superb collection of papers on financial stability.

Here is BIS link which is a collection of recent Central Banker speeches on the subject.

6 Responses to “IMF and BIS resources on financial stability”

  1. IMF and BIS resources on financial stability | lowerautoinsurance Says:

    […] Here is BIS link which is a collection of recent Central Banker speeches on the subject. Posted in Academic research/research, Economics – macro, micro etc, Financial Markets/ Finance , Policy.IMF and BIS resources on financial stability […]

  2. Great work, thanks. Says:

    Great work, thanks….

    Top work…

  3. imran Says:

    Dear brother,
    i am writing thesis on how IMF and BIS are related to each other and with the central banks of member countries can you lead me to some helpful material.

    • Amol Agrawal Says:


      I havent come across any research which comments on how BIS and IMF are related. I think they are quite different with different objectives.

      IMF was set up to manage the international monetary system and to ensure exchange
      rate stability. BIS was set up before IMF to foster cooperation between central banks (though original role was different). Interestingly, both BIS and IMF roles have expanded overtime. Now, we see quite a bit of similar tasks being done by both the institutions.

      I am afraid I can’t help you much on this subject. Do send me your theses whenever you complete it.

  4. Frans Verhagen Says:

    An important article to consult is Ellen Brown’s Tower of Basel to be found on I am also interested in your final thesis document.

    For comments on the article and its relation to the new carbon-based reserve and international currency of the TIERRA, see and the TIMUN website itself.

    The more privately owned central banks are now getting involved with the SDRs, the more relevant becomes the Tierra solution and its TIMU architecture.

  5. sandy Says:

    Hi, currently I’m also working in a thesis with similar topics, but more focus on Basel II implementation and hidden risk in it.

    I already found the connection between BIS and major banking house in the world especially the Rothschild family and currently working on connecting BIS with IMF and World Bank. After I got an evidence of this then we can see the big picture of how this international financial system works.

    I hope I can finish it by next month. I’m happy if anyone can help me with some discussion in this matter.

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