Mostly Economics ranked 12 now!

As per Econolog’s latest ranking, Mostly Economics is ranked 12th now. It has moved upwards from 30 to 12 in a manner of few weeks (October 27 it was ranked 30). So, the upwards march has been pretty impressive.

Thanks a ton to all the visitors for visiting Mostly Economics.  Without you it would not be possible at all.

4 Responses to “Mostly Economics ranked 12 now!”

  1. Ankit Sharda Says:

    Kudos to Mostly Economics!! for achieving the grand feat.

  2. Vikram Says:

    Mostly economics rocks

  3. Mostly Economics ranked 7th now! « Mostly Economics Says:

    […] Economics ranked 7th now! Mostly Economics breaks into top 10 and is now ranked 7th! It was ranked 12 on November 12, 2008 and 30 on October 27, […]

  4. Mostly Economics listed as a tool for Small Businesses finance « Mostly Economics Says:

    […] the way, Mostly Economics seems to have lost its ranking quite a bit. As per Econolog, it was 12th on Nov 12, 2008,  reached highest 7th on 25 November . Currently, it has slipped to where it started from – A […]

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