Assorted Links

1. WSJ Blog points FDIC indicates problem banks grow to 171 in Q3 from 117 at end of Q2!

2. WSJ Blog points Peter Orszag would become Director of the Office of Management and Budget and has quit blogging. I will miss him for his speeches on pushing behavioral economics in policymaking

3. MR points to a pic pointing Krugman shaking hands with Bush and says truce? 🙂

4. Krugman in a post points to the recent Fed move to buy obligations of GSE and says he is confused. This post does suggest that there is nothung like Truce between him and President Bush.

5. Krugman also does not like the new propsal by John Taylor that tax cuts should be permanent. This also suggests that there is nothing like Truce between him and President Bush. Mankiw adds his humor to Taylor’s idea

6. Krugman points Kyoshi Ito died. Ito developed Ito’s lemma which was used by Merton to develop option pricing model.  Fin Prof pays an obituary as well

7. NB points how menu designs can make you spend more

8. CTB points sky is falling


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