Assorted Links

1. The news of the day is Fed cutting rates to a range of 0% to 0.25%. WSJ Blog points to Fed explanation for the range. It pointsto economists’ views. Krugman on the Fed policyto cut rates to 0% to 0.25%  Mankiw points to possible next FOMC meeting press statement  Econbrowser has some comments as well

2. Al Roth points to an interesting paper on bankruptcy

3. PIB points get ready for a L- shaped slump.

4. CTB points Keynes goes to Africa

5. Econbrowser has an excellent post – finding the exit

6. WSJ Blog says Fed Zings and ECB zags

7. IDB points to a microfinance e-library

8. MR points to a new NBER paper which is the best fiscal policy shock?

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