Assorted Links

1. TTR on the Satyam fallout and the promise it offers

2. MR points to a paper on Nazi’s fiscal policy

3. Krugman points to basic ideas to get rid of liquidity traps. He also points to some discussion on great depression

4. WSJ Blog pointstourism worst since 9/11. WSJ Blog points to new research on credit crunch which says

The common assumption that the credit crunch is the result of banks being short of cash to lend is not accurate, the researchers found. Instead, there is a complex mix of lower demand, higher standards and poor credit quality at play in pushing down loan volumes.

5. Macroblog on the employment numbers

6. Mankiw on crisis and increase in government budget

7. Roth points recession at yale

8. CTB on Ukraine’s crisis. CTB points to four stages of policy interventions in the crisis

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