Assorted Links

1. MR points to losses Harvard Univ endowment fund- $ 18 bn on the $ 36 billion fund.  That deserves an ouch.  MR points bond funds closing down

2. Krugman asks one of the biggest question of this time – why so few economists saw the crisis coming?

One answer may be that macroeconomists, in particular, didn’t want to go up against bubble denier Alan Greenspan, which might get them blackballed from Jackson Hole and all that.

This deserves a lol. Typical Krugman.

3. Macroblog on modern recessions

4. Mankiw points  to a primer on quantitaive easing

5. Rodrik has a superb post on self-discovery and development

6. Finprof points Madoff ponzi scheme leads to a suicide of an investor in the find

7. FinRounds points to some games MF managers play to show as gains in annual reporting

8. DB points to a new report which says democracies reform more

9. Abhijeet Bannerjee writes on GCB – PQRS of growth.

10. CTB points to a paper on reforming credit rating agencies. It also points Asian Crisis again?

11. ASB points nightmare at Satyam

12. TTR points to Tatas and Singur

13. ACB tries to answer the micro-finance puzzle – why is it that Bangladesh is so desperately poor when it has some of the world’s best and most successful microfinance lenders? 🙂

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