Assorted Links

1. Krugman points positive yield curve doesn’t imply US is out of woods.

2. Krugman points to Fed Credit Card 🙂 Krugman points mortgage rates are too high Krugman points to his hangover theory 

3. Mankiw points to a story of a young economics student which is very much a universal problem.

4. FinProf points SEC was made aware of Madoff. What is going on?

5. DB points to accuracy of its indicators. It also has an excellent post on whether democracy causes growth or other way round

6. Blataman has some useful travel tips

7. TTR on Corporate Governnance issues. In another post TTR says we need few more cities to take burden off Mumbai . I completely agree and this has been said many times by many people. When will this actually happen?

8. Cowen asks was bailing out  LTCM a good idea?

9. IDB points to some innovation in creating awareness on AIDS

10. ICB has an interesting summaryon what happened in 2008 in Indian securities laws

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