A better way to sumarise Fed policies

Fed has launched plethora of schemes to get the financial markets working. Despite number of people explaining the crisis (see this for an overview, Also this new research from Minneapolis Fed) these schemes are extremely difficult to remember.

I came across this excellent way via St Louis Fed economist Craig Aubuchon. He classifies the schemes based on functions. There are three broad schemes according to this classification:

  1. The Initial Expansion: Extending the Duration of Loans – Under this we have TAF
  2. The Second Expansion:Increasing Acceptable Collateral- Under this we have PDCF, TSLF and TALF
  3. The Third Expansion: Extending the Reach of Lending Facilities – AMLF, CPFF, MMIFF 


Even if we don’t remember the fancy scheme names, it is useful to understand (and hopefully remember) from this perspective.



3 Responses to “A better way to sumarise Fed policies”

  1. Tirath Says:

    Thanks – Nice and crisp

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