Assorted Links

1. 2 prominent research conferences in India. IGIDR’s Annual Money and Finance conference -2009. Ajay Shah pointsto NCAER’s Neemrana conference 2009.

2. Time for some Krugman humor. He takes on Barro who does not like fiscal stimulus

3. WSJ Blog pointsto Chinese mantra for the year – Bao Ba meaning protect the 8 (8% growth rate). EAPB analyses China’s GDP nos

4. CTB points to research on east Europe stock markets

5. WSJ Blog points Obama to get daily economic briefing

6. CMB has an astonishing graph which compares CPI in 1929 and now. Inflation is much lower now. Time to do the helicopter drop?

7. FinProf points who is the largest oil company in America? It is Morgan Stanley!! It also points that ex-Merrill CEO  John Thain who then moved to BoA (as BoA took over Merrill) spent USD 1.2 mn on his office!!

8. WSJ BLog points to Bini Smaghi interview

9. TTR points Indian banks still looking good but not become complacent.

10. Urbanomics points to behavioral models of finance. Also read the excellent post on 3 broad models of banking bailouts.

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