Assorted Links

1. WSJ Blog on the new Obama planto revise housing markets. It also points Fed moving gradually towards inflation targeting

2. The Obama stimulus plan ($ 787 bn plan signed on Tuesday) includes $ 116 bn in tax cuts implying $ 8 each week over two years. WSJ Blog pointsto advice from several economists on what to do with USD 8 every week.

3. Blattman points to some new econ jargon

4. FCB points why econs don’t replicate research.  It also points hedge funds fees declining

5. IGMB points to Raghu Rajan interview

6. CTB on Walmart effect

7. Krugman analyses Japan’s lost decade and wonders how does slump end?

8. Urbanomics has a nice post summarising views over the depth of the crisis

One Response to “Assorted Links”

  1. Tirath Says:

    Japan’s USD 716 Billion have largely gone unnoticed

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