Assorted Links

1. Urbanomics has an excellent post on balance sheet deflation. It also summarises the new US homeowner plan

2. IDB on random experiments

3. Indicus Blog on India consumption story

4. Macroblo explains ARRA in pictures

5. Finprof points to an initiative by WSJ that aism to bring leaders and thinkers in finance on one forum

6. Stephanomics has a discussion on UK’s cost of taking over banks

7. CTB points to research which analyses whether we can learn anything from past financial crisis?


2 Responses to “Assorted Links”

  1. Amor Oriental (Chinita de Amol) | Amor Blog - The World’s News About Love Translated into Portuguese! Says:

    […] Assorted Links « Mostly Economics […]

  2. Tirath Says:

    Ref. Pt. 1
    Japan fueled consumption by going into deeper fiscal deficits – and even then, inflation barely made it to positive territory – may be due to behaviour that deflation spawns and may be due to skewed Japanese demographics; but primarily due to firms continually dodging risk and battling what was previously described in your blog as balance sheet deflation (coined originally by Irving Fisher if I am not mistaken.)

    Now, If a 1pc Fed rate post the tech bust for approx 2yrs could (help) create / further inflate this current bubble – what would the new interest rate regime do?
    Does disinflation take care of worries of fiscal deficits fueling currency depreciation and stoking inflation later on? If so, the fear associated with the future of medium term India due to the ‘large’ fiscal deficit may be withdrawn.

    May be it is the vast amount of information that has allowed all of us to ask so many questions and keep so many options open. This crisis is going to surely be used well for practical and theoretical knowledge in the time to come!!! lol

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