Assorted Links

1. Krugman says Obama is trying to do everything right, why not something useful on banks?

2. WSJ Blog points to Volcker testimony

3. Buiter on how to set up a good bank

4. Mankiw points to a new cartoon on moral hazard. He also has an excellent post on accounting differences over classification of TARP money on govt budget

5. Rodrik has a superb post on global fiscal stimulus plans

6.Fin Prof pointsGM lost USD 85 mn every day in Q4 2008

7. TTR points to RBS excesses. What can one say reading all this?

8. Urbanomics on dangers of estimating the bottom

9. Indicus Blog has a good post on forecasting by Indian companies

One Response to “Assorted Links”

  1. Mark T. Market Says:

    Nassim Taleb spoke out in Davos about banks and the moral hazard of bailouts.

    He and Nouriel Roubini were both interviewed at CNBC recently, but soundbite journalists are incapable of handling their views sadly.

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