Design symbol for Indian Rupee and send it to India Fin Min

I came across this interesting press release at Finance Ministry website:

Major currencies of the world e.g. US Dollar, Pound Sterling, Yen and the Euro have an Identification symbol. The Government of India also proposes to have a symbol for the Indian rupee to be selected through public competition. Accordingly, all Resident Indians (both Professional artists and Non-professionals) are hereby invited to participate in a Competition for design of the ‘Symbol for Indian Rupee’.

So, USD symbol is $, GBP is £, Euro is €, and Yen is ¥. Now India Fin Min wants to have a symbol for INR as well. The contest is open till 1300 hrs on 15 April 2009. The other details are in the press release.

I was just seeing the conditions and found 2 interesting ones:

3. The symbol should represent the historical & cultural ethos of the country as widely accepted across the country.

5. The symbol should be applicable to standard keyboard. The symbol has to be in the Indian National Language Script or a visual representation.

It will be interesting for someone to fit both the conditions. Time to get creative juices flowing. Pass it on to the artists you know.


1 Reading this, I recall there was a competition for design of Euro notes as well. It was won by an Austrian artist Robert Kalina (more here).

2. BBC has an interesting article on this. It says Russia also planned a similar move but was not successful. It has some interesting comments as well towards the end.

3. Fin Min has released an update on the contest

4. The first list of shortlisted candidates is here.


78 Responses to “Design symbol for Indian Rupee and send it to India Fin Min”

  1. crazycool5 Says:

    Hmmm, this I feel is a nice beginning from India on its new venture to have a become a super power in the global economy… 🙂

    I had made a post about the same topic and received funny comments. People have recommended even present day politicians. Should you be interested you may have a look at


  2. Gurumurthy Says:

    I couldn’t find any thing on the ministry of finance website related to this contest.
    The closest one I could find was

    However it did not have the logo and header like the other pages and departments of the ministry of finance, India.
    Could anyone confirm if this contest is genuine? The agencies publicizing this competition please take this responsibility and I request the Ministry of Finance to give more publicity for this contest in their own website, so that we participants do not get confused. A contact mail id to ask queries related to this competition would help. Thanks

  3. nanovision Says:

    what does it mean by design !! when it is specified in the condition that

    “The symbol should be applicable to standard keyboard. The symbol has to be in the Indian National Language Script or a visual representation.”

    I am totally confused ……..!!!!!!!!it is the matter of CREATION OR SELECTION



  4. Satish Bhide Says:

    Can anyone tell me what is meant by “Resident Indians”?????
    Can NRIs or PIOs participate in the contest??? For past whole week, I have been trying to find this out from all sources including the Embassy of India in Washington. Nobody knows if I an NRI is considered qualified Resident Indian and can submit the deign.

  5. sudhir sharma Says:

    The letter REE of Hindi dictionary, unfortunately one committee has scrap this from Hindi vocabulary, it is the ancient mark used for the Rishi munies, I have taken it for the sake of our distinguish past & present. It comprises “I” for Indian, on Right side “R” for Rupee on left side bottom cross line shows growing upword side to the Nation & Currency, & Upper cross line shows WE can do hard for any steep hurdle.
    Hope you will see & think about precious past.

  6. T Irshad Siddu Says:

    Hi Friends,
    I Have an idea for design of symbol for Indian Rupee, Since one can send maximum two entries is there anyone to accept me as a Co-designer for competition. becuse i am from poor family, I can’t afford Rs.500\-. My mobileNo. 09052433811

  7. subro Says:

    i guess some one told where to submit it……..

  8. Soumen Das Says:

    My symbol is in the link below:

    You will find whatever, you suggested as part of it, and many more like Swastike symbol, King’s face used in ancient currencies, Ashok Chakra, Number 0, letters e.g, R,S,P,U,E etc., holy signs like sacred kalash and also the sign of stability along with its negotiation with foriegn currencies and finally as a whole visual representation of an emperor with one sword facing upward in right hand to fight enemies and the other one in left hand facing downward to hole peace in his country but yet it is so simple!

  9. Soumen Das Says:

    My symbol is in the link below:

    You will find whatever, you suggested as part of it, and many more like Swastika symbol, King’s face used in ancient currencies, Ashok Chakra, Number 0, letters e.g, R,S,P,U,E etc., holy signs like sacred kalash and also the sign of stability along with its negotiation with foriegn currencies and finally as a whole visual representation of an emperor with one sword facing upward in right hand to fight enemies and the other one in left hand facing downward to hole peace in his country but yet it is so simple!

  10. S KOWSHIK Says:


    If I am not wrong, it is only once (1st week of March?) the Finance Ministry let out its circular on the Competition for Symbol for the Indian Rupee. Then the competition went into silence mode, rather hiding mode, because with the hope of getting more details if you visit the Finance Ministry website, there wouldn’t be any hint of the competition on the main page, where it should have been with proper highlighting. Not even a link or hyperlink anywhere to lead one to the page ‘ ’. I could locate the page only through the ‘Google’ search.
    This one time competition was for the one and the only symbol for the Rupee to remain as an imprint in the history in the making, hence it deserved widest and repeated publicity through all the available media (print as well as the electronic) to stimulate the best of the talents and respond with large number of entries. However, the circular on symbol competition is very casual in its drafting and language and seem to lack seriousness as noted below:
    The circular in the website is dated ‘February ,2009’ without a specific date, and without a proper file number at the right place (unlike an authentic government circular). Just as an afterthought a vague number ‘(No.10/8/06- Cy.II)’ has been inserted at the end of the circular before the signature.
    The circular advices visit to ‘’ for more details, but on opening the website as I said earlier, there is no hint of the said contest anywhere, or even any means to track down the very circular, let alone any more details.
    There is no provision made, for asking queries for clarifications if any on this matter.
    There is no email address provided for the contest anywhere, to facilitate the above and also for the ease and speed of communication.
    Applicant is not asked for email address/phone number if he has one, for its manifold uses.
    Mode for payment of application fee is very archaic and inflexible, in this era of e-payments. Since this money anyway goes to the Government treasury, depositing the same say through Challan would also have served the purpose, without having to spend extra on the draft?
    There should have been well conceived and structured format to be filled by the contestant, calling for definite information and commitments, leaving no scope for confusion, controversies and possible legal wrangles. For the same reason very watertight terms and conditions should have been framed.
    No proof of Identity/Nationality/residence has been called for while the applicant has to be a resident Indian. What is the definition of ‘resident Indian’?
    One of the stipulations is that minimum 4 point size( in print) of the symbol also is to be submitted with the entries. But the fact is this size is too small and the minimum available size even on MS word is 8. Hence this point needed clarification.
    There should have been a proper time table for the contest, with a deadline for the Announcement of final results, lest the exercise lapses into official amnesia.
    Maximum two entries per application is permitted, but it is not clear whether single registration(with Rs 500/- fee ) covers both entries or each will need separate registration is not clear.
    Because of all this one is bound to doubt the genuineness of the competition. Hope the Competition has not already been fixed.

    • Hade Says:

      Very important points made here. I hope the government is not playing tricks with the public, and especially the people who put in all that hard work into their entries.

      • vinesh Says:

        I have done the design and posted to wrong adress what should I DO NOW,
        you are absolutly correct in the above matter.

        is this COMPETITION FOR DESIGN is Postponed or something please let me know. awaiting your reply.

        vinesh ponnani

    • kumar Raghu Says:

      TRUTH for indian rupee symbol comp.,top-5-rupee-symbol.html

    • Shweta Says:

      I totally agree with u. Ever since I read in the fin minister’s budget speech that the rupee symbol is high on their agenda, I was anticipating a nation wide contest like this..with as much fan fare as you mentioned in your post..
      the least that cud’v been done is a few TVC and open ads in leading dailys ..
      I found out that there ever was a contest like this only today when they’r circulating the results..
      Anyways, let’s just be glad, we now at least HAVE a symbol like that (smtg im sure all of us have missed for long..) n the design chosen is a classy one..n not sum extra emotional jackson-pollock on national integration!
      Cheers to the Rupee!

  11. info master Says:

    My favorite Symbol for Indian Rupee is

    Three horizontal lines like they have in Indian flag.



    Easy to type on keyboard even :


    ≡ Symbolize

    Unity, Harmony, Solidarity, Strength

    So lets see what Indians come up with….

  12. mewool Says:

    here is my art peace for Indian rupee symbol

  13. Samir Says:

    Here is my design for Indian Rupee

    — Samir

  14. Soumen Das Says:

    Please refer to the link below:

  15. Soumen Das Says:

    Please see the link below:

  16. India FinMin India Rupee Symbol Design Contest « Mostly Economics Says:

    […] FinMin India Rupee Symbol Design Contest By Amol Agrawal I had posted about this contest from India’s Finmin. The contest is to design a symbol for Indian […]

  17. Jon the Postman Says:

    My entry for the competition. Sent this ages ago, but was just too lazy to put it up anywhere…

    NOTE: Please do not post any of the images on your own site.

  18. Neha Goyal Says:

    Here is the symbol that I worked on and submitted:

    After that I started drawing symbols based on my keywords and ideas.
    I think that symbol works on a number of levels. First of all it uses the Hindi ‘Ra’ and combines it with English ‘S’. So in essence it spells Rupees with a full stop in the end. The full stop can also be perceived as a bindi, zero or even earth, which have a lot of philosophical meaning behind it.

    Now if you look at the bottom, it looks like an elephant’s trunk. The S also looks like a snake. The half moon is reminiscent of Taj Mahal’s top crescent. If you rotate the symbol anticlock wise, it almost looks like Gandhi ji’s Charkha or even a Saraswati Veena. It is also reminiscent of the top part of the Om. The symbol could very well resemble a musical note. The S in the symbol is almost an open paisley shape. Lastly, I feel the symbol also looks like a mother holding her child securely and lovingly, which represents a strong family.

    I believe that the symbol is flowy and organic like the Devnagari script and also many Indian designs/ fonts etc. In true essence, I believe that symbol is representative of India.

    I purposely stayed away from Swastika because it is only viewed as a Nazi symbol as the rest of the world, and people are ignorant about it. Though I am a hindu and I believe in it, but the rest of the world looks at it as a symbol of hatred. Also it does not give an image of a secular country.

  19. prateek verma Says:

    when the results would be declared?

  20. Neha Tulsian Says:

    Our entry – please leave your comments

    Proposed Rupee Symbol
  21. Glaxon Says:

    Sir,when India rupee symbol result will be publish?

  22. roshan mathew Says:

    well the contest is a bright idea to improve the status of the indian currency the Rupee among the other dominating currencies . Assinging a symbol to our currency is not a easy task , one need to aware that if his/her design has being selected ,it will replace the alphabets ‘Rs ‘ once and for good, but in the backdrop of the design’s universal acceptability
    so it should be robust and genuine at the same time easily recognizable which means easily memorizable.

  23. مساعده الباحثين Says:

    مساعده الباحثين…

    Search Tags Family and Community Development (4) Maternal and Infant Health (2) Nutrition (2) Extension Learning Farm (2) Sheep Program (1) 4- H Youth Development (2) Uncategorized (1) Archives June 2009 December 2007 October 2007 December 1969 Pages 4…

  24. KAY SHIV Says:

    Well, it’s more than five months since the competition was announced by the government sources. The authorities have gone into silence mode ever since. As a point of exception, however, you get this bit of news from the Washington Post report by Rama Lakshmi (titled -“For India’s Rupee, a New Identity” May 16,2009 – url: : ‘… It attracted about 3,000 entries before it closed April 15…. Govind Mohan, a ministry official, said in an e-mail response to questions about the purpose of the contest. “The symbol would standardise the expression for Indian Rupee in different languages, within and outside the country. It will better distinguish the Indian currency from those countries whose currencies are also designated as Rupee or Rupiah, such as Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Indonesia.”

    A seven-member jury, including representatives from the government, the central bank and two fine arts colleges, is expected to meet soon to examine the submissions. Mohan said it should take a year to select the symbol. There have been no considerations yet about when it might be adopted or how much that will cost.’

    Many enthusiasts suggested variety of designs in this blog and elsewhere. None of them seemed to come up to expectation. Of course, there was no point in suggesting designs, however good, if they have not reached the right address duly processed by April 15,2009. Basically, the Rupee symbol need to be very simple to be within the grasp of the common man, the school boy and even a foreigner – easy to draw by hand, remember and reproduce: and also need to be distinctly Indian in global monetary world. It cannot afford to be abstractly artistic.

  25. sridhar akkineni Says:

    Namastee… to everybody!
    This is Sridhar Akkineni one of the participant in the great Indian rupee design contest.
    I am an artist modified by the news media. Now I am the free lancer.sep 1st is my birthday, on this occasion I reviewed my past year life and observed, is there any good work which I satisfied most and I am very happy as I participated in rupee design contest.
    Poojyu Bapuji said that …
    “Satisfaction comes only with effort, but not with victory!
    Full-fledged effort is the ultimate victory”.
    Every artist will have josh in his effort, but not in money.
    No doubt! The open competition for Rupee sign design contest is really beautiful. More clearly it is life time achievement competition at its best.
    Who got this idea? Really it’s great. They know, how difficult to design; accommodate the historic & cultural heritage of India on a small keyboard icon.
    But, they had more expectations on Indian artist era. They hope one can make the best…
    Definitely this is prestigious rupee sign design scrutinizing is not a small thing .Intellectual Jewry of examiners bench, officials of economic affairs-definitely working on the same.
    To my concern, I am satisfied with the maximum effort put with my Artistic & Journalistic knowledge.
    I never forget the support of Mr. Srikanth seelam (B-Tech) &Mr. Pandry Narendar Rao (B-Tech) who are my hands in the project.
    I wish all the participants.
    ”Rupee persists until the Indian content exists and until the rupee persists,
    achieved artist name& names of the officials raised this contest will persists forever.

    Thankyou mostlyeconomics

    PIN: 500 082
    e mail :

  26. nitika Says:

    After reading all the comments above .. i would appreciated comments from all above on a symbol OM which is india or rather global as it is the universal sound and easily typable on any keyboard.


    • Sudha K Says:

      Too late. Only academic.

      • Nitika Says:

        I understand someone has given OM / AUM as an option to the finance ministry. and reasons for the same..

        So its not late .. just thought you people being so much into the topic can share your thoughts on the same..

      • Nitika Says:

        Like US had USD $ , Europe has EURO € , UK has pound £ , Japan has yen ¥ , I would like to propose to the Indian Government to look at OMor AUMas the Symbol of Indian Rupee.

        Explanation of the design:

        Om/AUM is not a word but rather an intonation, which, like music, transcends the barriers of age, race, culture and even species. It is made up of three Sanskrit letters, aa, au and ma which, when combined together, make the sound Aum or Om. It is believed to be the basic sound of the world and to contain all other sounds. It is a mantra or prayer in itself. If repeated with the correct intonation, it can resonate throughout the body so that the sound penetrates to the centre of one’s being, the atman or soul.

        We can write it as OM or AUM and the symbol 

  27. Satish Bhide Says:

    When are they going to announce the winning design?

  28. Soumen Das Says:

    This is just to inform you that my Symbol’s wordpress content is in the following link:

  29. FinMin Rupee Symbol Design Contest Update « Mostly Economics Says:

    […] Rupee Symbol Design Contest Update By Amol Agrawal I had posted about this contest by Finance Ministry of India to design a symbol for Indian Rupee (like $ for US Dollar etc). I got […]

  30. KAY SHIV Says:

    First list of the eligible applicants is out today. None noticed?

  31. KAY SHIV Says:

    Click this to get the list of applicants:

    Soumen, Neha, Sudhir[Jee?], Akkineni … you are in the list.

  32. indiarupeesymbolsoumendas Says:

    Hi KAY SHIV,

    Yes I had noticed the link – thanks to you for adding it to here.

  33. Yasmin Says:

    anybody noticed, finmin is unavailable, any problem with the website?

  34. karan Says:

    when will be the final results coming ? m gonna die waiting…any sort of news from anyone.?

  35. rakesh kumar singh Says:

    Shri Hitesh Padmashali 1152
    Shri Shahrukh J. Irani 523
    Shri D. Udaya Kumar 656
    Ms. Nondita Correa-Mehrotra 1647
    Shri Shibin K.K. 1476

  36. vaibhav Says:

    This was done in a hurry with hardly one month given for people to come out with a design, without giving proper publicity. Moreover economictimes was accepting entries without mentioning about Rs 500 charge and synopsis. I am sure none of the entries submitted to economictimes would have been accepted by finance ministry.

    So, this contest should be extended again; Government should invite entries now from indian citizens as they would have thought of many better designs by now.

  37. Kusum Says:

    They need to publish how the final five are good and set into not their requirements…..symbols should be with standard keyboard was one of the main criteria of the contest…so everyone who has participated is interested to know how and who has got selected and why. Everyone who has participated has spend money and time and hence no one should feel that this contest is only for name sake but actually results depends only on 7 people. Who knows if it was depending on them also or not. Results should be announced publicly with clarification as they have taken money also from everyone. Already everyone in India knows government system is all corrupted and by not publishing the results with clarifications why they want to prove it.

  38. jai Says:

    your doubts appear justified. first of all the news that came in on 17th dec., quotes someone saying that the symbols are a mix of indian and roman scripts. the contest circular says it should be in indian national language script. English (or roman) is not a national language. It is an associate official language. secondly see markets-> forex section on 18th dec.

    this contest should be held again but in a transparent way by making the symbols and the evaluation public. The jury should be much bigger in a size comprising people from different parts of India, to avoid bias. I’m sure people are extremely unhappy about the way contest was conducted. more people should voice their opinions on this issue.

  39. Tushar Thakker Says:

    Hurrah !! My name was there in the list of eligible applications at no. 167 at

    !! But but but I am not there in the final list of 5 people 😦

    Anyways feels good to have participated at least 🙂

  40. aakash Says:

    c why finance ministry is not displaying all the symbols which
    they have received and what parameters/yardstick they
    have applied to narrow down to final 5 designs.

  41. Nitish Patil Says:

    well i would like to say we can use * as our currency symbol

    * means Aestrisk

    so we can say for 100 rupees as “hundred Aestrisks” i.e, *100

  42. RTI_INDIA Says:

    From the day one I am closely following this great Indian bureaucracy tamasha . By profession I am concept head and brand strategy planner… in my career I launched national as well international brands
    What I noticed and learned is… failing of brand and not getting recognised in market as a brand ….
    Not only depends upon how you marketed that brand….but also how much efforts your creative powerhouse taken to create that image…
    So to create a successful brand identity the whole process of brainstorming and vibes of designers should be clear from all kind doubt and blames.
    But its oposit here in designing of rupee symbol case, whole process came under doubts from the day one because of its very confusing and unclear guidelines.
    And lately RTI filed by someone from design field which exposed other discrepancies in short listing process too. More than 800 shortlisted entries were never been published in public domain…. while declaring eligible number of shortlisted design entries.
    So, finally I set with my advocate and drafted down below Open RTI application… which any one of you could file it..
    It takes us 3 working days to understand what really going and finally drafted all our queries on paper.
    We divided queries in 4 separate RTI’s because some time authorities rejected RTI application by saying you are asking too much information.
    RTI is a best tool to fight bureaucracy and injustice …making an application under RTI and asking for specific information, the department has to furnish the information within 1 month. If the applicant is not happy or all the information asked for is not provided then an appeal lies to appellate authority designated in that department.
    Later on this becomes the base for filing a suit in the court.
    Let me make it very clear here guys we the Young and creative mind of India is not so dull to follow a mute justice!!
    We are lucky to have one last chance, as a RTI ….to make some positive change for the betterment of our Currency symbol design and by participating in this exercise we can get our dignity back…
    So guys file RTI Now…
    Step By Step Guidelines – How to File RTI for “Symbol for Indian Rupee” Under RTI ACT 2005:
    1. Download the editable RTI file from here – which includes total 4 numbers of RTI’s by clicking above link.
    2. Read full RTI application and fill all requested information from your end.
    3. Now click on this given link which will take you to state wise Post offices locator on Indian Post office website.
    4. Find nearest Post office and ask for 10RS/- Indian Postal order (IPO) in favor of Accounts officer, Appellate Authority Deptt. Of Economic Affairs, New Delhi .
    5. Fill your IPO information in each RTI application and make photocopy of each IPO too.
    6. Now make photocopy of all 4 final completely filled RTI application.(for your reference)
    7. Post all 4 RTI applications with IPO in 4 different sealed envelope via POST OFFICE REGISTED POST/ Speed post ONLY.
    8. To – Shri Surjit Singh., Director & Appellate Authority Deptt. Of Economic Affairs, Ministry of Finance, Room No. 68, North Block,New Delhi – 110001
    9. Don’t forget to collect your all 4 postal proof of mailing
    10. Now go to and check your speed post delivery status online.
    Note: Under RTI ACT 2005 no application will be entertained without paying 10Rs fee.
    Have happy RTIing

  43. mans Says:

    RTI action very late.

  44. rakesh Says:

    Shri Sushil Kumar, Under Secretary to the Govt. of India & CPIO vide latter no.F.No. 3/40/09-Cy Dated 7th January, 2010 had given me Information under RTI Act, 2005

    Que. 1 Name, Professian & Home State of all the member of jury
    (i) Smt. Usha Thorat, Deputy Governor, RBI, Mumbai-Chairman.
    (ii) Shri K.V. Eapen, Joint Secretary, Deptt. of Financial Services, Ministry of Finance, New Delhi.
    (iii) Ms. T. Kumar, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Culture, New Delhi.
    (iv) Smt. Aditi Mehta, Joint Secretary, Indira Gandhi national Center for Arts New Delhi.
    (v)Shri Anil Sinha, Chairperson, Integrated Desgin Services and Industry Programmes & Projects, National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad.
    (vi) Professor Hemant Nagdive, Director, JJ School of Arts, Mumbai.
    (vii) Shri Bazil Shaikh, Chief General Manager, RBI, Mumbai.
    Que. 2-How meny desins received in hindi/English & other languages out of eligible 2644 designs.
    Ans -The Designs do not have any Language, it is the shape (Drawing) only.
    Que. 3-How meny meetings when , where & each date of meeting, time taken for the meeting & average time of applicant design taken reg. Totat entries of evaluation ?
    Ans. Meetings of Jury were held on 29/30 September, 2009 in Indira Gandhi National Centre for Arts, New Delhi and on 16th November, 2009 in Reserve Bank of India, New Delhi for evaluation of entries. The meetings on 29th and 30th September were from 10.00AM to 5.00PM and the meeting meeting on 16th November was from 2.00 PM to 5.00PM
    Que. 4- Total received deigns and total of rejects deigns?
    Ans. There are 3331 eligible entries out of which five final entries were selected by the jury.
    Que. 7- The script of applicant which in Hindi language be translate in other language presents before jury.
    Ans. Only symbol of the applicant was presented to the Jury for selection.
    Que. 10- Explain briefly the rule (hindi-MANAK) of as widely accepting across the INDIA.
    Ans. The criteria adopted by the Jury in selecting the symbol was that the symbol should represent the historical and cultural ethos of the country as widely accepted across the Country and that the symbol has to be in the Indian National Language script or a visual representation. The second stage of selection focused on finer details such as whether the symbol
    (i) is distinct;
    (ii)can evoke a ready recall in India as well as internationally;
    (iii) is not unduly cluttered, i.e. simplicity;
    (iv) has strength of design;
    (v) is easy to write and typecast; and
    (vi) has integrity, unity of form and compact look
    Que. 11-The Biodata of eligible design put-up before jury or Coding Procedure in applied?
    Ans. Coding procedure was adopted.

  45. arun Says:


    Seen the final selected list. It seems to be only mumbai candidate in final list. why there is no other state I m totally confused. Any one can clarify that.


  46. Rajesh Says:

    This is the Rupee symbol i submitted..

    Its easy to write as well as represent the HIndi Charecter R and English Character R, also give a distinctive feel of our traditional devnagiri lipi..


  47. rakesh Says:

    प्रिय साथियों,
    जय हिंद,
    श्री सुशील कुमार, अवर सचिव भारत सरकार एवम सी.पी.आई.ओ. ने आर0टी0आई0 एक्ट २००५ के उन्तर्गत लेटर संख्या यफ.स. ३/४०/२००९-करेंसी दिनाक ०८ फरवरी, २०१० द्वारा निम्नानुसार सूचना दी गयी :-
    प्रश्न १- फ़ाइनल ५ के प्रत्येक अभ्यर्थियों का जूरी के सम्मुख प्रजेंटेसन किन- किन तिथियो मे कहाँ-कहाँ हुआ तथा प्रत्येक अभ्यर्थी/टीम ग्रुप द्वारा अपने-अपने सिम्बल को प्रजेंट करने मे कितना-कितना समय का उपयोग किया गया.
    उत्तर- फ़ाइनल ५ के अभ्यर्थियों का प्रजेंटेसन १५-12-२००९ को जूरी के सम्मुख हुआ. प्रत्येक अभ्यर्थी को प्रजेंटेसन के लिए (मोखिक रूप से) १०-१० मिनट का समय दिया गया है.
    प्रश्न २- क्या प्रत्येक प्रजेंटेसन की वीडियोग्राफी करायी गयी.
    उत्तर- नहीं.
    प्रश्न 3- जूरी के सम्मुख कुल ३३३१ डिजाइनो को प्रस्तुत की गयी किन्तु मंत्रालय के वेबसाईट मे २६४४ के लिस्ट प्रकाशित की गयी. इसका क्या कारण है.
    उत्तर- वेबसाईट मे केवल सभी शर्ते पूर्ण करने वाली प्राविस्थिया भेजने वाले अभ्यर्थियों के नाम दिए गए है. किसी-किसी अभ्यर्थी ने दो-दो डिजाइन भी दिए थे.
    प्रश्न 4- जिन अभ्यर्थियों की डिजाइन अपूर्ण थी क्या उनको कतिपय सुधार हेतु सूचित किया गया. एसे अभ्यर्थियों की संख्या.
    उत्तर- डिजाइन को पूर्ण करने के लिए या सुधार करने के लिए किसी को नहीं कहा गया.
    प्रश्न 5- कितने डिजाइनर के मूल डिजाइन (बायोडाटा, स्क्रिप्ट व डिमांड ड्राफ्ट) उनको वापस किया गया तथा कितने ऐसे डिजाइनर है जिन्होंने त्रुटि को सुधार कर मंत्रालय को भेजा.
    उत्तर- मूल डिजाइन (बायोडाटा, स्क्रिप्ट व डिमांड ड्राफ्ट सहित) जो कि निर्धारित अवधि मे प्राप्त हो गए थे, वापिस नहीं भेजे.
    प्रश्न ६- क्या फ़ाइनल ५ के अभ्यर्थियों मे से किसी ने दो डिजाइन से अधिक डिजाइन प्रेषित की थी.
    उत्तर- नहीं.
    प्रश्न 7- वित्त मंत्रालय की वेबसाईट पर तीन किश्तों मे प्रकाशित २६४४ डिजाइनो के अतिरिक्त ६८७ डिजाइनो के सूची क्यों नहीं प्रकाशित की गयी.
    उत्तर- २६४४ डिजाइन नहीं है, वह तो अभ्यर्थियों के नाम है.
    प्रश्न ८- कुल अर्ह ३३३१ डिजाइनो के स्क्रिप्ट किन-किन भाषाओ मे प्राप्त हुई तथा उनकी भाषावार संख्या.
    उत्तर- डिजाइन की कोई भाषा नहीं होती. स्क्रिप्ट हिंदी. अंगरेजी, तेलगू, मलयालम आदि भाषाओ मे प्राप्त हुई.
    प्रश्न 9- शासनादेश/गाइडलाइन मे उल्लिखित “इंडियन नॅशनल लान्ग्वेग” उन्तर्गत वित्त मंत्रालय की नजर मे कौन-कौन सी भाषाए है.
    उत्तर- संविधान द्वारा मान्यता प्राप्त सभी भाषाए.
    प्रश्न 10- भारतीय रूपये के सिम्बल हेतु क्या पूर्व मे किसी भारतीय या विदेशी नागरिक का प्रस्ताव, प्रार्थानपत्र या सुझाव आदि किसी स्तर से प्राप्त हुआ. यदि हाँ तो उसका विवरण.
    उत्तर- श्रीमती नॉनदिता कोरिया, भारतीय नागरिक से सुझाव प्राप्त हुआ था.
    प्रश्न 11- भारतीय रूपये के सिम्बल की आवश्यकता के पीछे मूल कारण की सूचना.
    उत्तर- इस विभाग के विज्ञापन मे उल्लेख किया गया है.
    प्रश्न १२- प्रत्येक डिजाइन के प्रजेंटेसन हेतु कितना समय निर्धारित किया गया था.
    उत्तर- दस मिनट तथा जूरी द्वारा उठाए गए प्रश्नों के उत्तर का समय.
    प्रश्न 13- जूरी ने केवल पाँच सिम्बल चयनित किये या उससे अधिक भी.
    उत्तर- विज्ञापन के अनुसार जूरी को केवल पाँच प्रतीकों का चयन करना था.
    प्रश्न १४- गाइडलाइन मे उल्लिखित “स्टैंडर्ड की बोर्ड” से क्या आशय है
    उत्तर- computero मे लगा सामान्य की बोर्ड.
    प्रश्न १५- अंतिम डिजाइन के चयन के पश्चात क्या शेष समस्त डिजाइनो का स्क्रिप्ट सहित प्रकाशन वेब साईट पर किया जायेगा.
    उत्तर- नहीं.
    प्रश्न 16- जूरी द्वारा पाँच प्रतिभागियों के चयन की संस्तुति किस तिथि को प्रेषित की गयी तथा वित्त मंत्रालय को किस तिथि को प्राप्त हुई.
    उत्तर- १५-१२-२००९ को.
    प्रश्न १७- क्या जूरी ने पाँच प्रतिभागियों मे से फायनल एक की भी संस्तुति की है.
    उत्तर- अंतिम निर्णय विचाराधीन है.
    प्रश्न १८- कुल अर्ह ३३३१ अभ्यर्थियों द्वारा डिमांड ड्राफ्ट द्वारा प्रेषित रुपया कितना है.
    उत्तर- २६४४ योग्य अभ्यर्थियों के द्वारा भेजे गए ५००-५०० रुपए डिमांड के ड्राफ्ट जमा किये गए.
    My name-Rakesh kumar singh
    Mb. 09450456464

  48. rakesh Says:

    SHRI SURJIT SINGH, Director & Appellate Authority Government of India Ministry of Finance Department of Economic Affairs North Bloc, New Delhi-1 F.No. 3/40/2010-RTI Dated 12th February, 2010 had given me Information under RTI Act, 2005.
    (Reg. The Symbol for Indian rupee competition)
    In the matter of:

    This appeal has been filed by Shri Rakesh kumar singh against the order dated 7.1.2020 of the CPIO of Department of Economic Affairs.

    2. In his application dated 14-12-2009 addressed to the CPIO, the applicant had sought information on 14 points relating to the competition of symbol of Indian rupee. The CPIO furnished the information on 7-1-2010. The appellant is not satisfied with the information furnished on 3 points, i.e. Point No. 1, 4 & 13 and hence this appeal on these points.
    3. Comments of CPIO have been invited. The points on which the appellant is not satisfied with the reply of the CPIO and the factual position is discussed in the succeeding paragraphs.
    4. In point No.1 of his application, the applicant had asked in information about the name, profession and the home-state of the members of Jury appointed by the Government for finalisation of the design of Indian Rupee. The CPIO furnished the name/designation of the member of the jury along with the organization and place where the organization is located. The information relating to home-state of the member is not maintained and as such this information cannot be provided.
    5. In point No.4, the applicant had asked information as to the number of total designs received and out of those how many have been rejected. The CPIO informed him that there were 3,331 eligible entries, out of which 5 Final entries were selected by the Jury. This should satisfy the query of the applicant.
    6. In point No. 13, applicant had sought information about the date and mode of information to the contestants about the selection of 5 designs. The CPIO had informed him that final result is yet to be decided. In the comments, CPIO had intimated that the information to the selected contestants was sent on 25-11-2009 through letter. This information was also posted on the website of the Ministry in December 2009. This should satisfy the query of the applicant.
    7. In view of above observations, the appeal is disposed off.

  49. Ivjyot Oberoi Says:

    Hey could someone please provide me with the link of selected 5.

  50. rakesh kr singh Says:

    PL. see this latest answer reg. Que. 6
    प्रश्न ६- क्या फ़ाइनल ५ के अभ्यर्थियों मे से किसी ने दो डिजाइन से अधिक डिजाइन प्रेषित की थी.
    उत्तर- नहीं.
    My RTI Question no. 6 given me dated 08-02-10 Answer-N0. (BUT NEW LATTER DATED 23Feb 2010 Given me ANSWER YES.) Guidelines for preparing entries: A participant can send a maximum of two entries.
    rakesh kr singh 09450456464

  51. annam Says:

    Hindustan Times reported about “Indian Rupee Design Scam”

    Hindustan Times Hindi- Lucknow 18 March

    Hindustan Times Hindi- Lucknow 19 March

    Great Job Guys….

  52. annam Says:

    1 The Economic Times Hindi New Delhi 22-03-10

  53. tarun Says:

    where is the list of 3331 entries and 2644 eligible designers name??? i have spend lot of time on internet in the search of list… can any one provide me the link to the list…

  54. Says:

    Good News : Now we got

    I hats off to Mr. Rakesh Singh,Mr. Bharat and Mr. Khatri for their efforts in filling rti and other unknown RTI activist across the India.

    Because of their hard effort we are able to postponed the biased decision regrading Indian Rupee Symbol Design Winner.


  55. rakesh kr singh Says:

    Please Pay attention towards this also..,top-5-rupee-symbol.html

  56. rakesh kr singh Says:

    Final one select today by cabinet. Ast Smt Ambika Sone

    JAY JAY JAY ho


  57. Rdhika Says:


    if I not forgotten This Mr uday is the same guy who sent 4 entries for the contest, and as per the rules he shouldn’t be eligible for the contest.

    Second thing, can any any say, as per the rules how this logo representing Indian History?

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  59. Anil Says:

    Writen by प्रफुल्ल बिदवई
    भारतीय विशिष्ट वर्ग की एक बडी विशेषता है प्रतिष्ठा के प्रतीकों के प्रति उसकी कभी न मिटने वाली भूख और विशिष्ट क्लबों में प्रवेश पाने की उसकी मनोग्रस्तता। इसके उदाहरण हैं भारत के विश्व परमाणु क्लब में शामिल होने (दसियों वर्षों तक ‘परमाणु जाति भेद के प्रतीक के तौर पर उसकी आलोचना करने के बाद) और उस छोटे से राष्ट्र समूह में दाखिल होने पर, जो अंतरिक्ष में उपग्रह छोड सकता है, मनाई गई खुशियां। इसके अलावा भारत सरकार को विश्व की 20 सबसे बडी अर्थव्यवस्थाओं के समूह में शामिल होने का जो न्योता मिला है, उस पर उसे जो दंभपूर्ण संतोष हुआ है और संयुक्त राष्ट्र सुरक्षा परिषद् में स्थायी सीट हासिल करने के लिए जो वह अथक प्रयास कर रही है, उसे भी नजरअंदाज नहीं किया जा सकता।
    भारतीय रुपए के लिए एक नया राशि-चिह्न बनाने के बारे में सरकार का निर्णय भी इसी प्रतिष्ठा-पूजा का ही अंग है। वित्तमंत्री प्रणब मुखर्जी का कहना था, ‘इससे रुपया अमरीकी डॉलर, ब्रिटिश पौंड, स्टरलिंग, यूरो और जापानी येन जैसी मुद्राओं के चुनिंदा क्लब में शामिल हो जाएगा, जिनकी अपनी एक स्पष्ट अलग पहचान है।’ यहां तक कि चीनी युआन को भी यह विशेष दर्जा हासिल नहीं है।
    जैसाकि वादा किया गया था,……………..

  60. Anil Says:


    DATED 20-08-2010 (ORAL)

    New Symbol of Rupee





    Will the Minister of FINANCE

    be pleased to state:

    (a) whether the Union Government has

    adopted a new symbol for the rupee;

    (b) if so, the details thereof; and

    (c) the importance and significance of

    this change in design and its likely effect on

    the growth of the economy?

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