Assorted Links

1. Krugman points rise of financial sector explains the rising inequality in US quitea  bit.

2. WSJ Blog points to a Richard Fisher speech. It also points to a debate whether it is going to be V or L. It also points ECB member thinks the recent IMF boost is like a global helicopter drop of money

3. Macroblog on forecasting inflation in these times

4. Mankiw points to his primer on DSGE models

5. Rodrik does not agree that making IMF more powerful will work 

6. FCB on active management of indexes

7. Peston asks have we heard a cuckoo?

8. FMB has a superb idea on managing systemic risk

9. ASB pointsto a new article by Eichengreen and Rourke comparing the Depression with this crisis. This crisis is worse!

10. TTR points actual amount committed in G-20 was just USD 100 bn and not USD 1.1 tn as announced


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