NREGA evaluation report for 20 districts

I am really confused over the state of India’s much hyped poverty alleviation program – NREGA. Some research work/media coverage provides clues but it is all too confusing. The govt says it has worked (for obvious reasons), some say it has stopped migration, some say it is highly inefficient etc etc. I usually get my fodder from either IDB or Urbanomics and Mint newspaper but am not able to draw any conclusions really. One major problem has been to draw lessons from all India experience.

Planning Commission has released a new study on NREGA which helps mitigate some confusion (only some). It uses a survey based approach done by Institute of Applied Manpower Research. The questionnaire covers  all the basic issues and objectives of NREGA. It covers 20 districts and has some interesting findings and brings out some regional differences. But report has too little literature and like NSS surveys has many tables etc. So apart from some reported findings, you might need to pore over the tables to draw more results (if interesting please let me know).

Happy reading.

7 Responses to “NREGA evaluation report for 20 districts”

  1. Anon Says:

    What a brilliant blog! Cannot believe such high quality writing coming from an Indian economist! Congratulations and keep up the good work!

  2. Niman Kumar Patel Says:

    It is a good programme for lifting labour only.It will not help in raising permanent asset to Govt.Only earth work has no meaning in improving country out of huge amount expenditure.

  3. ripalpatel. M.Phil.Eco Says:

    it is briliant blog and very usefull student

  4. fernandes Says:

    NRGEA programme is really ineficient. i am saying this from the observation i made around some panchayts. i also verymuch intresting to find out the real performace of NRGEA and is it achived its objectives mainly utilizing local resouces to create community asset and is it the expenditure worth for that. so wait for some more days i will share my results with you

    • GURJIT SINGH, Assistant Professor Commerce & PhD. Student Says:

      Sir i need your help regarding my research work on NREGA Punjab. Kindly send your views and related material via email. Thanks

  5. GURJIT SINGH, Assistant Professor Commerce & PhD. Student Says:

    NREGA may produce wonderful results if implemented in an efficient way. It has worked in some states and failed in others only because of differences in levels of will power to run it.


    Its not such a good programe. It has just made the labour to earn without work. It is proving a white elephant to the Indian Govt. Also a number of corruption cases are coming in this scheme.

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