Murder on US economy express

Yeah, murder of the US economy.  The title of Joseph Stiglitz new paper is The Anatomy of a Murder: Who Killed America’s Economy? The title seems to be based on this 1959 movie and Stiglitz declares the murderer as US Banks.

It has interesting para titles:

  • The Main Protagonists (Banks and Investors)
  • Accessories to the Crime (Credit Rating Agencies, Mortgage Brokers, Regulators
  • Credentialed Accomplices (Economists 🙂 )
  • Rebutting the Defense
  • Defending the Innocent
  • Politics and Economics

Though I haven’t seen the 1959 movie, on reading the paper it was much like this 1974 movie- Murder on the Orient Express.  In Murder on the Orient Express, there are multiple murderers and even in this US economy Express, we have multiple murderers. Even in the movie the murderers explained their innocence and rebuttals were given, But Poirot was too smart, and so is Stiglitz. Therefore I have kept the title of the post as Murder on US economy express.

One Response to “Murder on US economy express”

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