Acknowledging Economic Bloggers

Roving Bandit has this inspiring post:

I’ve just been reading the latest draft of a paper by Miguel, Saiegh and Satyanath which measures the correlation between violence on the football (soccer) field in European leagues (yellow/red cards) and violence in a player’s home country (civil war). Blattman blogged about an earlier draft a while ago.

Great paper, but what caught my eye were the acknowledgements:

We are grateful to Dan Altman, Ray Fisman, Matias Iaryczower, Abdul Nouri, Dani Rodrik, seminar participants at Stanford, UCSD, UCLA, IPES, and at the 4th Annual HiCN Workshop at Yale, and a host of anonymous bloggers for useful comments, and Dan Hartley, Teferi Mergo, Melanie Wasserman and Tom Zeitzoff for excellent research assistance. All errors remain our own.”

Wow. I have noted quite a few blogposts of Paul Krugman in other papers mentioned as a reference/point of debate etc.  But then he is Paul Krugman.

THis is excellent for economic bloggers like me who try and write extensively on economic research done around the world. I know it will be difficult for me to ever write a paper which will be mentioned as a reference in any of the top papers. However, it will be great if any of the blogposts can make an impact towards betterment of a paper.


Papers like these interest me quite  abit. But haven’t got anytime.

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