RBI has released a few interesting reports

RBI has released very good reports in recent months.

All are very useful and a must read. They are all on different and important topics.  I know that is a lot but atleast read the exec summary for some broad idea.

I just finished reading the Prime Lending Report which is a very important reading. GIves you a good snapshot of what these lending rates are, history of lending rates in India and the issues with it. As they are non-transparent, the group has suggested a Base Rate which will be transparent and more forward-looking. A shift to Base Rate has ramifications for all of us. So it is to be read and understood properly. We don’t know whether it will replace BPLR system but it is important to be prepared.

Then it has also released a vision report on payments system in India for 2009-12. Payments system is one of the least understood and documented part of the financial system. Central Banks role in keeping them healthy and robust is really a thankless job.

Happy reading. 



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