Guess where I found the discussion paper on India’s GST?

Since I have written this post providing a link to first discussion paper on India’s GST, I try to check various Govt websites to see if the paper is provided or not. I am always disappointed.

Finally I found it. Guess where? It is at Press Information Bureau’s website and the paper is here. I have no issues with it. But not on Finance Minsitry, or on Finance Commission or those taxation websites.

However, atleast we have it now somewhere.


I was just quickly navigating the PIB website and found it to be a very rich source of Information. I have been using the website to track statements/press releases of various ministries. It also is the first website to give you official numbers about Inflation, Industrial production etc.

Infact, this is perhaps the only website where you can get the fiscal stimulus details passed in 2009 via its press release archive section. 

However, I realised it has some very useful links as well.

It has a section called Old documents where one can see some very useful stuff released by various ministries. For instance check the flagship programme link. It tells you about various programmes taken by government for poverty alleviation, food securityy, employment etc. It also has statewise description.

Then it is the website where one can get material on Economic Editors Conference. This is a very important conference as many ministers talk on their issues. It has useful backgrounders from the various ministries as well. For instance see the recently concluded conference here. Check out backgrounders from Agriculture, Finance and Commerce Ministries. Very useful stuff.

Great resource on Indian economy. Just that you need to navigate it with a little patience.


3 Responses to “Guess where I found the discussion paper on India’s GST?”

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