Blogonomics makes an entry in world of Economics

Menzie Chinn of Econbrowser points that in wone of the economics workshops held at Bank of Canada, Blogonomics (Economics of Blogs) was discussed. This is like wow. Earlier, there was a pointer that blogposts helped in research paper writing and bloggers were invited to US Treasury. And now a panel discussion at Bank of Canada on blogonomics.

Chinn says:

Some questions posed by the panel chair were:

  • Why do you blog?
  • To what extent has your experience blogging matched your expectations going in? Has the response been surprising on any dimension? Has it taken up more (or less) of your time than you’d thought? Has the process of blogging had an unforeseen impact on your work and thinking?
  • What effect do you think the emergence of economics blogs such as your own has had on the economics profession? On academia? Policy? Markets? The public? Any specific examples you can share from your own blogging experience?
  • What is the most ‘trouble’ you’ve ever gotten into from something you’ve written on your blog?

Read Chinn’s views here.  My answers:

  • I blog as it helps me remember and keep track of the work and readings I do. It has been just an amazing tool that way.
  • For me blogging has been an amazing experience.  It has exceeded much beyond expectations. I never expected the kind of comments and rankings the blog got. I relaised I could write a bit. It has surely helped me review my thoughts. Whenever I write on my topic a quick search tells me what my thoughts were earlier on the issue
  • This question does not apply to me as my blog nowhere has impacted public policy  or on the economics profession or On academia or on Markets. It is afterall Mostly Harmless Economics 🙂 But yeah I get comments requesting for some information, data etc which if I have I try and give. So I guess there is some marginal impact on very  few people
  •  I have not got into any trouble but there have been some nasty comments sometime. If useful, I try and reason out. Otherwise I just plain delete it.

What about the other bloggers?



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