Nobel Prize Lecture 2009

The Nobel Prize Lectures of Elinor Ostrom and Oliver Williamson have been put on the Nobel Prize website.  Ostrom’s lecture is put up as a video and Williamson’s lecture has both Video and ppt slides

 I was just going through Williamson’s slides. It makes a good reading on how he came about his main ideas.

But I prefer to read the Prize lectures in a proper written text format. The Prize Committee first puts up videos and some winners share their ppt slides. It is much later that the text format lecture is added.  I just realised Krugman’s lecture has just been added recently. But these do not give the complete flavour. You cannot also imbibe much watching videos or seeing ppt slides. The lectures also serve as a very useful literature survey on the winner’s main papers, ideas, thoughts, synchronisation with previous ideas etc. One keeps referring to these lectures oft and on.

So am waiting for the proper speech text. Till then see whatever is available.

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