Two e-books on financial reform and trade in this crisis

NYU Stern econs have prepared a e-book on financial reform. The chapter summaries are here.

November 2008 saw the global financial system on the brink of collapse; the crisis – which began in 2007 – had entered a new and dangerous phase. That time we responded by gathering a group of world-renown financial market experts to evaluate:

  • The roots of the crisis and where things stood,
  • The measures needed to prevent future crises, and
  • How the key policies – the massive creation of liquidity, the TARP, the auto bailouts, the financial bailouts – were being used to address the crisis.

The result was a collection of 18 “white papers” that were bound, reproduced and circulated before the end of December and subsequently published in March 2009 by John Wiley and Son, entitled Restoring Financial Stability: How to Repair a Failed System

There is another e-book on trade in this crisis:

A new Ebook aims to inform the world trade ministers what the economists know about the trade collapse.

I have read parts of the trade e-book. Very good stuff on how trade fared in this crisis.

There is just so much to read…Thinking about the huge volume of things pending to read alone is enough to stress. The reading has still not begun…


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