Mumbai has water problems and Navi Mumbai has swimming pools!

The chronic water problems in city of Mumbai are no more news. What is news is how worse the problem is going to be this year or in coming future. This year because of the poor monsoons Mumbai’s municipality body BMC has decided  to cut water supplies this year. But the problem is not limited to this year and is going to continue in future.

Now I don’t know one bit about the water supply and distribution in Mumbai. But what irks me is to see what is going around in its nearby cousin town – Navi Mumbai.

Now, in Navi Mumbai most new construction residential houses you get to see have swimming pools. You ask brokers/builders about why have swimming pools given the water crisis in Mumbai and you are laughed off. They say there is no water problem in Navi Mumbai and they can afford to have swimming pools.

I have nothing against swimming but clearly it is a luxury given the water crisis Mumbai has.

First, If Navi Mumbai has water surplus, why can’t it be transferred to Mumbai. It will not solve the water deficit of Mumbai but still could fill up atleast something.

Second point is how long does it to take to get into a water crisis. As it is quite a few societies in Navi Mumbai already have water problems. So surplus water from other Navi Mumbai regions should be first transferred to deficit Navi Mumbai regions.

Third, what happens to swimming pools? Someone was telling me that BMC allows one swimming pool for a large residential building complex (say 10 buildings etc). So we can have same kinds of rules for Navi Mumbai as well.

Fourth, it would make housing more affordable. The builders charge you for club houses which has swimming pools, sauna, gym etc.

I don’t think we are taking the water crisis situation seriously. It needs a lot of strict urban planning.

15 Responses to “Mumbai has water problems and Navi Mumbai has swimming pools!”

  1. Tarun Says:

    Time to write about economics of corruption

  2. Mumbai has water problems and Navi Mumbai has swimming pools! « My Views for Life's – For Peoples Awareness Says:

    […] From Amol Agrawal […]

  3. unknown Says:

    WeLL its true abt what u said that mumbai has water problems and navi mumbai doesnt …..but its for a fact that mumbai has electricity all around the clock and navi mumbai doesnt….so i guess we are even….navi mumbai doesnt have a problem sharing water with you but the question is are you ready to share electricity with us…

  4. Landscaping Says:

    Having pools when having water shortage is really not a god idea.

  5. Neha Chaturvedi Says:

    The idea and argument in well put forward. And this should be seriously taken as it is one of the basic necessity which government ensure to all.

  6. unicon india Says:

    yes.. its true mumbai is facing water problem for many years.. this type of problem should be solve out…. because Now, in Navi Mumbai most new construction residential houses you get to see have swimming pools. when You ask brokers/builders about why have swimming pools given the water crisis in Mumbai and you are laughed off. They say there is no water problem in Navi Mumbai and they can afford to have swimming pools.

  7. select your broker Says:

    Navi Mumbai is a city on the west coast of the Indian state of Maharashtra. It was developed in 1972 as a twin city of Mumbai, and is the largest planned city in the world, with a total area of 344 km² and 163 km² under the jurisdiction of the Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation . Navi Mumbai lies on the mainland on the eastern seaboard of Thane Creek. The city limits stretch from Airoli near Thane in the north, to Uran in the south. The length of the city is almost the same as that of Mumbai.

  8. NJ Landscaper Says:

    Water shortages are something everyone should be concerned with. Having clean water will be an ongoing issue for many people worldwide.

  9. azim Says:

    Indeed water shortages are something everyone should be concerned about, as in future gettin clean drinking water will be difficult.

    It is also important to become a water valued person. as water is avaiable at cheap rates ppl dont value it.

    We should undertake ways and means to augment water shortage. One way is by harvesting rain water.

    We are professionally into rain water harvesting. if you have any query please feel free to contact me on

  10. remote pool thermometers Says:

    remote pool thermometers…

    […]Mumbai has water problems and Navi Mumbai has swimming pools! « Mostly Economics[…]…

  11. asp Says:

    The point put forward is valid..but has anybody thought about why is Mumbai facing a water shortage problem? because there are innumerable migrants coming in everyday and staying in slums and stealing water from your pipelines …can you do anything about it?
    secondly why are uncountable buildings allowed to be built if there is a shortage of a basic necessity like water? Why are not permissions given to constructing buildings only if they are self sustainable regarding water? How much load are we going to put on the city and its infrastructure even though it cant handle it?

    And lastly, and most important, all have conviniently ignored the electricity question and moved on. If you think water is a basic necessity is not electricity too? Navi Mumbai has power cuts of around 3-4 hours. Are citizens of Mumbai ready to share these power cuts when they are very much interested to share the water of Navi Mumbai? Mumbai not only enjoys unlimited power supply but also at a cheaper rate.
    Can you justify this demand? I personally do not see any harm in people of Mumbai enjoying their swimming pools when the Mumbaikars are enjoying their electricity….Mumbai:The city of lights!!!

  12. djayen Says:

    Mumbai has lakes for water supply. Navi Mumbai has own Dam for the water supply. The areas around Mumbai supply water to Mumbai, even then water supply shortage is there. It is high time to control the population of Mumbai. The number of High rise towers and slums should be controlled and rain water harvesting should be done mandatory.
    Navi Mumbai has very low number of slums and also few high rise buildings. So the Town planners of Mumbai should wake up and start taking adequate measures for controlling the population of Mumbai. Otherwise like overloaded public transport. system the basic needs like water can not be fulfilled, and the excessive population will have to add more sufferings for the basic amenities like water.

  13. Ajay Says:

    Now even Navi Mumbai have Morbe Dam – things will be more better than before 🙂

  14. nityanand Says:

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  15. Hardik Choksi Says:

    Swimming pools are on paper. That will never come out as reality. It is for marketing to sale flats.

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