Chicago Economists interviews

Reading material keeps piling up.

John Cassidy of New Yorker had interviewed Chicago Univ economists in October. There was a buzz in blogosphere when he posted about the interviews on Jan 1, 2010.  But he had not provided transcripts of the interviews

Now he has started posting the transcripts. He plans to release them in stages.

Enjoy the interviews of

More to follow….


More interviews added:

Urbanomics has a very useful summary of interviewed econs ideas.

4 Responses to “Chicago Economists interviews”

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    […] That is a pretty bold statement- Finance is the most successful branch of economics in terms of theory and empirical work. I am not sure many would agree to this. Despite the magnitude of the crisis with many saying so many things about financial economics, Fama refuses to revise/alter his views and actually defends it. Read Fama’s interview. […]

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