WTO establishes chairs at 14 developing country universities

WTO had established Chairs Program in 2009:

The main objectives of the Programme, which was launched in March 2009, are to:

  • build lasting relationships with institutions from developing and developed countries by according financial support to beneficiary institutions for four years
  • support trade-related teaching by providing WTO support for the development and delivery of courses on trade policy and WTO-related matters in academic institutions.
  • foster further research in trade-related matters and highlight the policy relevance of existing research — universities awarded the Chairs are expected to cooperate with other institutions in the Programme, through joint research, shared lecturing arrangements and student/academic exchanges  
  • encourage and extend outreach/communication — universities awarded the WTO Chairs are expected to organize public activities aimed at disseminating research and promoting discussion regarding international trade and trade cooperation.

The program would be awarded to 14 universities.

WTO released the list of 14 universities which have been selected for the program. I don’t know whether any Indian University applied, but there is no Indian univ name in the list.

WTO recently awarded 2 young researchers for research work.  Nice initiatives from WTO to bring more research work on trade. 


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