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IMF releases analytical chapters of WEO and GFSR

April 15, 2010

Reading material is piling up. IMF has released analytical chapters of its bi-annual publications – World Economic Outlook and Global Financial Stability report.

In WEO, the research papers are:

In GFSR, the research papers are:

All topical issues as always. GFSR team had a Q&A with media of the findings. IMF Blog also discusses the findings. WEO team also had one but transcript not available as of now. WSJ Blog says there is some confusion wrt capital controls within IMF.

What all is baaack?

April 15, 2010

Krugman made this “baaack” word popular with a super paper on Japan’s deflation. Deflation made a strong comeback in late 90s in Japan. Krugman suggested that Bank of Japan needs to target a higher inflation rate (or be irresponsible) to fight the deflation.

Going by the same terms. two more things are baaack. Krugman says financial sector profits are baaack. Dani Rodrik says Industrial Policy is baaack. Both actually never really went out of fashion. Financial sector profits and bonuses have been talked about for sometime. So let me stick to industrial policy bit:


Reviewing interenational trade economics

April 15, 2010

It is time to go to basics. Pascal Lamy, WTO chief reviews principles of international economics.

He discusses 6 fallacies w.r.t. trade economics:


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