Assorted Links

I think I need to start posts under this category once again.  The reading material just keeps piling up.

  • RBI’s new staff study- ‘Doha Round of Multilateral Trade Negotiations: Critical Issues in Trade Development pertaining to India. Short summary is here
  • An excellent update on US economy performance
  • Since Duflo won the Clark Medal, I am waiting for her detailed profiles and lit review of her works. Here is a profile from New Yorker but it is paid 😦
  • Lots of Krugman fights have resurfaced again. A very interesting post on regulation vs tort by Tyler Cowen. He critiques Krugman’s earlier post where he argues why regulation works. Awaiting Krugman response.
  • Scott Sumner once again criticises Krugman. In this post Krugman questions free market orthodoxy. Sumner looks at a number of countries over the years and shows neo liberal/ pro market policies worked. Though Sumner criticises Krugman for using just one statistic, Sumner too is guilty of comparing countries in such a simplistic manner. Pro-market reforms alone cannot help explain the growth surges in the list of economies. There are many a factors as growth commission pointed.
  • Krugman responds to Sumner saying he said something else and Sumner’s response is on another point.
  • Krugman responds to Mark Thoma
  • Venkatachalam Shunmugam, Chief Economist, MCX Mumbai turns the Over-the-counter markets vs exchange traded markets on its head. He says we focus on opacity in OTC but opacity is rising in exchange traded markets menacingly. He questions new fancy finance – dark pools, flash trading, and front-running
  • Ricardo Caballero revisits his old idea that there is a shortage of safe assets. Most reforms are looking at the symptoms and not the cause of the crisis. He suggests a novel idea – let private sector create AAA assets (called Micro-AAA assets) and let government provide explicit insurance (called Macro-AAA)to these MicroAAA assets in case of a financial crisis.
  • Adam Posen says fiscal discipline alone will not be enough for Euro
  • Managing capital inflows in East Europe
  • A proposal to reform Fannie and Freddie. The gist of the proposal is here
  • Few economists argue that multinational banks are not as bad

One Response to “Assorted Links”

  1. Fletcher Says:

    off topic just a little bit.

    There is a house I want to buy that has been foreclosed by Fannie Mae. The house has been taken off the market by Fannie Mae as unsaleable due to being landlocked (no easement).

    I am the original owner of the property, sold it 6 years ago, and I still have the original documentation of the easement plus a letter giving me easment to the property (mom owns surrounding property).

    I have contacted Fannie Mae but I am told that the property is with legal dept due to no easement. I ask to talk to legal and I am told that there is no one in legal I can contact and no way to forward the information or buy request to legal.

    so my question is: does anyone know of a person/number/email within Fannie Mae that can help me sort out the issues on this property?

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