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Trichet’s harsh words on financial sector

June 4, 2010

ECB President has been giving many interviews lately. In the interviews he comes across as a king defending his fort.

In the latest interview with Le Monde he again defends Euro, ECB and criticises financial sector:



Reading through RBI archives

June 4, 2010

RBI Governor inaugrated Museum of RBI Archives recently. He gave remarks on the occassion. He shares some fascinating stories from the archives.

Here is a take on how RBI seal was formed:


Measuring performance of central banks is as crucial

June 4, 2010

Worthwhile Canada Blog points to an interesting development in Canada.

Supposedly Bank of Canada has rewarded its senior officers about $458,832 in performance bonuses in 2009. In even normal times it would raise eyebrows and currently we are living in anything but normal times.


Assorted Links

June 4, 2010
  • Krugman takes on Raghuram Rajan and says govt agencies/policies did not lead to the crisis 
  • Krugman again emphasises US/UK debt is not a problem
  • Gulzar says tax cuts will not help
  • Cowen says Germany is safe
  • WSJ Blog says most don’t expect Fed to hike rates anytime soon. Mankiw points to another article saying the same
  • Inflation in UK has remained above target for a while now. Stephanomics discusses whether Bank of Engalnd needs to worry
  • FRB Atlanta’s Macroblog looks at previous recessions and analyses the linages between employment and growth

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