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2 evaluation studies by planning commission

June 9, 2010

Plan Com has put up these evaluation studies:

Should be an interesting read.

Oil Futures Market: Do they help predict spot prices?

June 9, 2010

Ron Alquist and Elif Arbatli of Bank of Canada have this excellent short note on the topic. 


Assorted Links

June 9, 2010
  • Gulzar on using nudges to keep meetings short
  • Cowen points Raghu Rajan is blogging. The blog is here
  • Krugman says lost decade here we come. Taylor argues the opposite
  • WSJ Blog says Dalls Fed trimmed PCE index for measuring inflation continues to trend lower
  • WSJ Blog also points US debt has reached 88% of GDP, just slightly lower than danger range of 90%
  • Nudge Blog points to soccer goal urinal
  • Riksbank’s inflation target is 2% with a plus/minus 1% tolerable range. This means if moves to 1% or 3% it is tolerable. Anything more than that, Riksbank needs to act. Now it has removed this tolerable range.
  • Worthwhile on use and misuse of opportunity costs
  • Menzie Chinn points to tons of papers on macro econometrics
  • Fin Prof points to a paper on too big to fail
  • Ezra Klein points to a paper which looks at similarities in taxation in climate policy and financial sector policy
  • PSD Blog points to a provocative post – Are aid workers living a lie?


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