Assorted Links

  • Meghna Patel discusses the impact of 3G and Broadband Wireless Access (BWA) Spectrum Auction on money and bond market
  • Fed continues with its easy policies. WSJ Blog compares  the June statement with April’s statement
  • Krugman responds to Wolfgang Franz’s criticism. Franx is German government’s economic advisory panel. This is very well put. One does not understand why Europe policymakers keep saying that crisis is mainly because of US.
  • Krugman says that “economics profession has spent the last three decades systematically destroying the hard-won knowledge of macroeconomics.” 
  • IFMR Blog points to a study which looks at whether ethnicity influences the choices that small business owners makes. I had the pleasure to attend the initial findings of the paper in Chennai. It was a lot of fun.
  • WSJ Blog points to a report which says Financial Conditions continue to tighten Sharply
  • Worthwhile Blog points US fixed rate mortgages aren’t fixed rate mortgages; they are weird, stupid, and dangerous
  • Celina Jacobson sends me an email pointing to “50 Important Financial Tips for Young Adults”.
  • Rodrik on some development fallacies that never die
  • Chinn points to new OECD factbook
  • PFM Blog points to experience of independent fiscal institutions
  • Washington not happy with China’s exchange rate changes. They think measures did not go far enough

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