Assorted Links

  • Securitisation in microfinance sector picking up (via IFMR Blog)
  • TTR says India is likely to achieve 9% growth this year itself. He also points to several IIT/IIMs being set up
  • Gulzar on the two-handed economist. It is a professional hazard and we see it in all issues right now.
  • Kartik Athreya takes on economics bloggers. He says bloggers make economics look very easy. Tyler Cowen responds and points to comments of others as well. Let’s leave the debate to experts
  • Worthwhile Blog on knowledge in blogging. I think bloggers have contributed to understanding and compiling thoughts on economics. It is great to get views of Krugman, Cowen, Mankiw etc so regularly. It has opened up flow of economic exponentially
  • Krugmans recent talk on Inequality And Crises
  • WSJ Blog points BIS Warns Central Banks Against Keeping Rates Low for Too Long
  • Paul Romer on how new rules have helped shape up Delhi Metro project. Excellent and different as always. Again a reminder to Kartik Athreya that blogging is great. Getting to read Paul Romer would have been so difficult otherwise.
  • PSD Blog points to Taleb’s views on Keynesian stimulus.  During his talk, he advised Bank economists to give up on regression analysis and take on jobs as taxi drivers.
  • Economix points to a study on Stock Markets and the World Cup


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